It’s Been a Long Time…

It has been a really long time.  Two and a half years to be exact.  A lot can change in two plus years; a lot that can be life changing. You wouldn’t think so but it can and sometimes does.  Have you ever really taken inventory of your life over a span of a few years?  If you haven’t then you really should.  I didn’t until recently.  It all began with looking back at some photos of our kids and then of myself and Brian. Which then lead me back to here, my beloved blog. Everyone always seems so surprised by the growth but shouldn’t you really be surprised with the time and where it gets lost?  Whether your moments are good or bad, they still slip by until you really look back.  What really stings is when you look at time in a small group of years and realize that so much has changed (much that you can not even remember happening) and much that changes your life and who you are. Time is precious. Hold on to each moment as well as all of the feelings that surround them. Stay present.  Always appreciate and have a grateful heart. Love deeply.


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Valentine’s Day Girls Night!

Even though Valentine’s Day came and passed  I thought it would be fun to use it as a reason to get all of the girls together for a little dinner and fun.  It is ALWAYS a great time!!

Everyone is just so fantastic and fun.  Unique, loving, sweet.  I love all of these girls so very much!   My dear lovely, Kristin, was visiting and we were all beyond thrilled to have her at the party! It was just happy, happy from start to finish!

Thank you girls for another sweet, loving, memorable evening!  Thank you for your love and friendship!


Dinner and Desserts:

Braising the Short RibsRoasted Sweet Potatoes with a Goat Cheese topping (Recipe to come!)

Dinner is Served!!  Braised Short Ribs with Parmesan Polenta.  Mexican Corn, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Goat Cheese, Cranberries, and Pecans

Dessert:  Cupcakes, Red Velvet Cookies, Heart Whoopies, Cheese Cake, and Crepe de Mille.



A few weeks ago Brian heard three words: beach, soccer, picnic.  He then answered with three words:  party, our, home.  That’s right.  Brian volunteered for us to host G.’s soccer get together.  It was a fun filled day of soccer, cereal, soccer at the beach, paddle boarding, lunch, and more soccer!  The girls had a terrific time.  G. was so happy to have all of her team mates over.  She helped with all of the details and setting up.  G. even baked, frosted, and decorated all of the cup cakes without any nudging from me.  Impressive G!  Way to step it up!

Since the girls all came over around ten we decided a cereal bar would be a lot of fun.  Remember this was  a party for eleven year olds.  They aren’t looking for healthy so I decided to ride it out and indulge.  The boys LOVED setting this all up.  They did some massive teamwork.  They poured, prepped, and set up all of the jars, bowls, spoons, milk, and even mange to sneak in some handfuls here and there. Thank you boys!!

Lunch was amazing.  Outside.  A little windy and cool but beautiful. We grilled skirt steak and chicken drumsticks.  Cooked chicken cutlets and pasta.  We also made salad, mango salsa and the best guacamole.  The girls chowed down.  It was awesome!  Everyone LOVED G.’s cupcakes.

The party was a great time for the girls to just hang, have fun, and be friends!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  Be sure to watch the two videos (courtesy of G.) at the end of this post.  They are hilarious and will surely slap a smile on your face!!




BOYS!!! Come Home to Mama!!!

My Boys are in Park City right now and I am DYING!! So to feel like I am with them, I keep watching this video from LAST year.  It’s amazing that these three Florida kids ski the way they do.  I mean, jeepers they are from Florida and they are kids!!

Hope you all have a super day!

Lot’s of Love,


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine’s Day filled with much LOVE!!  Hope it was filled with candy and flowers!! If not, just come over; there is plenty here to go around!!  I received the most enormous arrangement of flowers (not to be confused with the above photo) yesterday. Thanks so much Baby!!  They definitely filled your absence…literally!

Much Love to Everyone!!


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