Monthly Archives: July 2011

Bookies, Cookies, Potter, and Mrs. T-F…Oh MY!

Tonight was the absolute highlight of our week!  We have been on pins and needles with the excitement over the release of the final Harry Potter Movie on Friday.  In preparation for the movie, we thought it would be fun … Read more…


Sunday Supper

At around four o’clock today I began realizing that I need to make supper.  Sunday supper none the less.  Oh dear. What am I going to make?  We have not been doing our best recognizing Sunday Supper over the past … Read more…


Landon Made Breakfast!

First G., now L..  I just have both of my kids working it in the kitchen right now.  I love it so much and I am so proud of them! Their initiative, their motivation, and their pride.  It is such … Read more…


How to Make a “Piece of Heaven Sandwich” by: G.

I encourage my kids to get involved in the kitchen whenever possible so I was delighted when G. asked if she could make lunch for everyone.  The only thing that I asked was that it was balanced.  The kids know … Read more…


Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!  Hope everyone had a great day and evening!  Our’s was filled with food, family, and fireworks.  It was a super day! Be well today, B. All pictures taken by G.