Paris… Day 3

Day three in Paris was much more accomplished and it was by far our best day.  Our family made strong efforts to not to sleep through another beautiful morning in Paris.  We began day three with a delicious breakfast.  The kids got to enjoy a french favorite, crepes with Nutella.  Moving quickly so that we didn’t repeat yesterday’s mistake, we went directly to the Louvre to try again.  Success.  The kids were so impressed with all of the works.  They documented everything.

Afterwards, we had lunch in the park.  Baguettes from Paul’s, hot chocolate, croissants, macaroons, and palmiers.  Notre Dame was just breathtaking. The architecture and construction is just unbelievable.  We then crossed over to Isl Saint Louis.  This area was so charming.  Narrow streets, cobblestone paths, ice cream at Berthillion .  Saint Michel, Saint Germain, all incredible.

Our family walked the entire day and it was the best way to experience the city.  We saw so many areas of Paris.  Each part of Paris that we walked through was just so beautiful, detailed, and interesting.  We were amazed.  It was a fantastic day!

Joby cutting his own french pancakes

Our hotel hired a new doorman

The Louvre

Notre Dame

Isl Saint Louis

Fountain of Saint Michel

Mommy, this photo is for you.  This store was so beautiful, farmhouse-esque, lovely, and filled with the most exquisite silver teapots.  It just made me think of you.  Plus, ironically, it shared your name!

Bon soir tour de eiffel!

Bon soir mon fils

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3 Responses to Paris… Day 3

  1. Alison says:

    Could the boys look any happier eating their ice cream???? Looks like another GREAT day. Can’t wait to see you, love you.

  2. marie reade ( Grammy) says:

    You all look so happy, like you belong there. Everyone has beautiful smiles & all the pictures are so amazing. Thanks for showing me my beautiful store with all the silver teapots ( makes me want to shine my silver set) Love you all so much, MOM

  3. Pam Sodi says:

    All the pictures were great. Grace will forever remember this trip. I wish I could have been there to share some chocolate ice cream with Landon!!