Our Favorite Things… Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare

Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare is on the top of my list all time favorite things.  I discovered Tammy and her Skincare Center almost four years ago.  I was reading Vogue magazine and there was  a lovely article about a skin specialist that is dedicated to holistic beauty and wellness.  I was so intrigued because all of her products are 100% botanical, organic, energetically balanced, synergistically blended, and cruelty free.  As I read through the article I was expecting that being that she was featured in Vogue, that she was probably located in California or New York.  I was completely stunned to learn that she was actually located in Palm Beach.

I was so excited to schedule an appointment because my skin was in desperate need of attention.  I take impeccable care of my skin.  I rarely wear make up. I eat properly and drink tons of water yet still my skin was having difficulties.  I attributed it to hormonal changes since I just finished breast feeding Joby but was unsure.  It wasn’t from having a baby but because I was layering chemicals onto my skin.  The products that I was using were not natural botanicals, they were not absorbing into my skin just causing decongestion.

Having a facial or any other spa service at Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare Center is an amazing, emotional, spiritual, and physical experience.  It is such an incredible gift.  Everyone at the center is so kind, helpful, and wonderful.  Tammy is so dedicated and knowledgeable.  She is such an incredible, radiant, passionate and attentive person.  Her energy is luminous.   Tammy truly glows like an angel and I am so glad to know her and to have her as my friend.

You can find her products online, at Saks of Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and Bal Harbour.

Please visit Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare.  You will so be glad that you did!

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