My Little Harry Potter Super Fans

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part II premiered in theaters this past Friday.  Everyone enjoyed the movie, especially these crazed super fans!  I kept seeing them everywhere!

All kidding aside, the movie was great, and the Harry Potter Saga finally came to an end.  Thank heavens for closure!  No more discussions, questions, or theories to analyze.  We can officially move on.  Does that mean that J. will stop going all over town dressed as Ron Weasly as well?  I hope so because I think he was getting tired of correcting everyone that he was not dressed as Harry Potter.  No… I’m Ron Weasly!  Harry’s friend!

Hope everyone is livin’ it up and enjoying summer time!



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2 Responses to My Little Harry Potter Super Fans

  1. Diane says:

    How cute. Sorry Joby, I would have been one of those people on the street thinking you were Harry Potter since I haven’t seen any of the movies and haven’t read the books.

  2. Grammy says:

    Love everyone’s HP outfits; especially L’s glasses.
    Everyone says the movie is great, however I have only seen HP#3. Can’t get over how cute LB looks.
    Love Mom