Nicaragua, We are back!

We have so happily returned to Nicaragua for our annual vacation and boy does it feel good.  I must say that it was hard saying goodbye to all of our loved ones back home and lots and lots of tears were cried.  It’s always bittersweet.   The transition is always the toughest but it is only when we have unpacked, checked in with everyone either via email or cell, and have a day or two down, do we ever feel settled in.

Having a good routine is also key.  Everyday is basically the same with a few surprises here and there (more there than here though).  Redundancy is actually welcomed and eventually becomes our friend.  We look forward to Nicaragua.  It gives us the opportunity to emotionally and physically detox and truly relax.  Having no where to be and nothing nipping at us (besides our littles) is really great.  All of our meals are spoken for so there is no worries there- which is truly great when you are a Mommy because a big chunk of life is thinking about feeding little mouths, yourself and husband, and of course going to the grocery store.  Being here gives B. and I nothing but the opportunity to focus on each other, our children, and our lives.  Togetherness.  It’s the greatest gift.

Here is basically our routine:  B. catches a sunrise surf session while the kids and I sleep for a couple of more hours.  We all get ready for the day when B. comes with a wake up call.  While everyone reads, B. checks in with his business life- emails, calls, etc.  We then walk to breakfast and enjoy the impressive waves.  After breakfast comes tide pool exploration, boogie boarding, more surfing with the kids, horseback riding, hiking, and/ or just swimming poolside.  When the sun really heats up around 1:30, we shower, have lunch, read, build (legos of course), draw, and then nap.  Seriously.  I can not even believe it myself.  At around four, B. leaves again for a second surf session.  When he gets home, we all swim again or go for a drive around the ranch or outer villages.  Dinner is around 6 ish and bed is at 8:00.  We read some more and then kiss goodnight!  Bliss!

This is really and truly all that we do until we leave for home.  Last year we left the ranch a lot and really had an amazing time seeing many beautiful parts of the country.  This year, we felt it to be best to stay close to home.  We have been desperate for this time.

We love and miss everyone at home dearly.  Thank you for not de-friending us for being away so long.  Have a restful day,


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3 Responses to Nicaragua, We are back!

  1. Alison says:

    so glad you are settled in and relaxing. I’m glad I can help :)))).

    Just make sure everyone wears their sunscreen and have a FANTASTIC time! Love you and miss you!

  2. Grammy says:

    Being in Nic is truly the most relaxing life . So happy for you all to be together & have nothing to do but enjoy each other. Have fun. Love you all so much,Mom

  3. Diane says:

    Great pictures. It does look like a beautiful and peaceful place to just chill out. So happy everyone is enjoying themselves. Love