Hiking, Stair Climbing, Crab Hunting, and Boogie Boarding!

It was a wild morning for our family today.  We went for a great drive and checked out all of the surrounding beaches.  We then went to one of our favorite areas, Playa Escondida.  The kids love it there because we can hike some beautiful trails and then climb these massive stairs while searching for highly defensive crabs.  We had the best time doing this a couple of years back with our best friends and their littles.  The stairs were filled with crabs.  Millions upon millions!  It was like something out of a sci-fi movie.  If I only had my desk top computer to post it.  It was truly a monumentally hysterical day! Today we only ran into about three- definitely nothing monumental.  We climbed the stairs.  Those things are a terror but they hurt so good. We returned home for some awesome boogie boarding.  J. has been saying that he is going to become a professional boogie boarder.  I entertained his thoughts but didn’t really believe it until this morning.  That little guy was catching them non stop all by himself.  Way to go little man!

Do something special for yourself today!!

I also want to wish our good friend, Mr. Bertha a very Happy Birthday today!



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4 Responses to Hiking, Stair Climbing, Crab Hunting, and Boogie Boarding!

  1. Grammy says:

    This is certainly paradise for these 3 explorers.
    Everything they need is right there…bugs, water & beautiful crabs. Joby, I bet you are the best boogie boarder in Nic.
    Love Mom

  2. Jessica McKenzie says:

    Wish we were with you! Happy B-day Joby!! We love you all.

  3. Alison says:

    Those stairs are not only a trek but beautiful too. glad to see everyone wearing their sunscreen!! xoxo

  4. Diane says:

    What breathtaking scenery and great pictures of the children. I am loving your posts and hearing about all your family adventures. I was wondering, has their daddy shown them how to skim board yet.