Happy 5th Birthday Baby J.!

On Friday, we celebrated J.’s 5th Birthday!  It was a wonderfully, sweet day.  At first we were a little concerned because when I woke him with little birthday kisses on his face he said, thanks for the kisses but it’s not my birthday…I’m still 4 1/2.  Just like that.  What?  Surely he can not have possibly forgotten that it was his birthday.  He has been talking about it with anything and anyone with ears.  Literally!  J., I told him, today is your birthday, the 22nd, today is the 22nd… your birthday.  He said I know Mama… I know that today is the 22nd, but I don’t want it to be my birthday here in Nicaragua.  I want it to be back home in my blue house.  Gosh… could you be any cuter?  Why J.?  Because all of my friends and my other family are back at my blue house.  I felt so awful.  It was almost as if he knew that the day would be uneventful.  That’s when the big guns stepped in and took control.  The big guns meaning, G. and L.  They immediately went to work naming a hundred reasons why having his birthday here in Nicaragua would make him the luckiest boy ever!  They helped him plan his day from all of the special meals he could eat, swimming in the new pool at the club, riding horses, hiking the big mountain, and boogie boarding.  All set.  Little guy was happy and content with his special day.  Until the rain came.  We made for a swim in the new pool but that was about it.  Poor kid.

All of the girls at the restaurant ooh and ah over J., so they made sure that every time that J. was there, it would be special and memorable.  The table was adorned with fresh flowers, they brought him a special smoothie, and for dessert, they made him his favorite vanilla cake with candles.  Little Joselito, the in house guitarist, serenaded him!

Nonetheless, rain and all, J., had quite a special day.  He loved all of the calls, text messages, emails, and video birthday messages from all of his family and friends from his “blue house” (back home).  He said it was fine that it rained, and that we could do all of the special activities another day.  Every time that we apologized for the poor conditions he said it was okay.  I had a great day!  Ohhh, you are just the greatest!!!!  We love you!!!

Thank you to everyone for sending little J. birthday love!


Big Happy Birthday Wishes to Grandma Diane, Cousin Alex, and Aunt Donna!

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5 Responses to Happy 5th Birthday Baby J.!

  1. Alison says:

    I’m so glad J’s bday turned out to good. Miss all of you so much. glad everyone is havinga good time! xoxo

  2. Diane says:

    Happy 5th birthday sweet Joby. It’s hard to believe my youngest grandchild is 5 already. It looks like you had a very special birthday this year in Nicaragua. You are a very lucky boy. We missed not being able to be with you on your birthday but you were in our thoughts hoping you were having the best time ever. We miss you very much. Love Grandma Diane and Grandpa Larry

  3. Grammy says:

    Dear Mr. Joby Sodi, so happy you had such a wonderful day. Remember your birthday July22 is one of the most important days in the whole year & wherever you are it is always the most special day.
    Love Grammy
    P.S. Umpie said what’s happening & he loves you so ,so much.

  4. Josee says:

    We love you j!!!

  5. Mimi Tasca says:

    Happy Birthday, Jobilator! I feel quite certain that no one else could make being 5 years old the incredible journey that you will….you are such a spark! Wishing you giggles, surprises and bear hugs all year long- love you! xoxo