Baseball in Nica! Heeeeyyy!!

Life could not be better in Nicaragua.  It is so beautiful and natural here and we could not be happier.  Just to be able to step out of our regular lives and sub into a such quiet, pristine, healthy living is just awesome.

On Sunday after breakfast, we took in a men’s baseball game.  The City of Limon versus the City of Tola.  It was great to see the local support.  Grace was completely uninterested until she started playing soccer.  Joby and Landon had great fun playing baseball with our neighbors and all the kids of Limon.  So much fun!

Have a happy day!


A little rabbit outside our house

Love it.  Cows in the outfield.

Let the poor dog play!

Organizing the big game

Landon waiting for a fly ball

Lost ball.  Game over.

The entrance of our property from the new sports complex.

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3 Responses to Baseball in Nica! Heeeeyyy!!

  1. Grammy says:

    These pics are fantastic..I am so happy you gave me such beautiful & handsome grandchildren. Grace’s bird is so beautiful. Looks like so much fun for the children, the Rancho Santana people & the townspeople. The country is so amazing & beautiful.
    Love Mom

  2. Diane says:

    How funny, cows and dogs on the playing field. It makes me smile looking at the pictures and seeing how much fun the children are having. Happy that Grace even got into the action. Landon standing in the outfield reminded me of Brian’s baseball days. Baseball can be pretty boring in the outfield at times. Your mom is right, the country and our grandchildren are beautiful Love

  3. Alison says:

    Very similar to the villages in Macedonia!!! And I’m with you, let the poor dog play!

    I hope everyone is feeling better! xoxo