Park City, Showing Some Growth!!

I took a well needed, extremely over due break and boy was it good!!  The last few months have been tight for a bunch of different reasons.  With each day, I expected things to get better, and they did, however I didn’t feel any better.  Weird.  Each day felt long, hard, and cumbersome.  I swear, I felt like life was just slowly being drained out of me. Anyway… (there is a happy ending… I promise) we left for Park City after the Christmas holiday and returned last evening.  It was fantastic!  I feel completely whole again.  Each day went something like this:  Sleep in, eat, send kids off to the mountain, eat, watch television, read magazines, walk to the mountain, lunch with the kids, walk home, nap and a movie, or movie and then nap, hot chocolate and fresh whipped cream with my littles (which, after this post, I am not sure how much longer I will able to refer to them as my “littles”), bath and playtime, dinner out (almost always sushi), more magazines, and then bed.  All with my Baby!!   Poor thing didn’t get the green light to snowboard.  Again, selfishly happy.  Thank you GOD for that sweet gift! Because anyone who knows B also knows that he NEVER misses a day on the mountain…not a one!  We also had a few major BONUS DAYS with our amazing, unbelievable friends. So great!  The trip was a dream… completely spoiling… but being completely honest, I so needed it.  Listen, I know that I have it good, really good, and I am definitely not complaining about my life.  I think I have just been severely overtired and not taking great care of myself and the weird part was that I didn’t realize how bad I was until I felt better. Whew!

Park City, is our second home.  It is so extremely special to all of us.  It recieves us with big open arms and loves us each day.  Our kids THRIVE there.  Especially L.  He is amazing and his heart is in Park City.  It is remarkable to see how much he progresses when he is in this environment.  The hard part is leaving.  How do you take your kid away from something that is positively consuming?  It’s terrible.

G and J made some severe growth as well.  J graduated to poles and started riding some serious terrain.  G and L hit it big in the terrain park.  It is just too cool for B and I.  We are so very proud.  We have a few more trips planned for the season.  For the start of the season, I must say, Park City, showing some growth!!!  Whoop! Whoop!

Happy 2012 Everyone!  May your year be filled with love and light!


Heading out to Town Lift

A mid morning snack:  Yogurt with slivered almonds and pomegranate seeds

J with his poles

Lunch over…taking lift back to the park

Our Park City Loves, K&S.   Thanks S. for so much!  Pickled Beets, once in a lifetime experiences, culinary fun, great convo, and the BEST Carmel Popcorn!  You are the shizzay!

Me and B after finishing the Olympic Bobsled Course…Wicked!

Ski Day with D & D

Happy 2012!

Sushi Party with all our PCM Friends!

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3 Responses to Park City, Showing Some Growth!!

  1. Danielle says:

    SO happy you got some MUCH needed rest~ I for one know you were beyond burning the candle @ both ends! (and yes, I am the pot… Will you always be my kettle?) Remember when you both first fell in love with Park City… Your Honeymoon – all those many, many years ago! So now that you’re home (how ever short lived that may be!) when can we play?! (don’t think I won’t come over & staple gun your foot to the floor!!) Tee hee!! Love you, love B, and adore your Littles…
    PS~ they will ALWAYS be your Littles! Even when we’re packing them off to college (gasp!) xoxo

  2. Alison says:

    So happy that you got the break you deserved. Are those Kristin’s boys? So handsome, whoever they are! Grace looks so grown up on the first picture of LB, wow!

  3. Grammy says:

    This vacation was the best for all 5 of you, so glad you have such a great place to go to. So proud of joby progressing to poles; I know he is proud of himself.

    Love you all so much, Mom