Sunday Supper Returns!

Can I get a what, what…

Sunday Supper returned finally after being in hiding over the past few months.  My cooking, rather I should write, my enjoyment for cooking has been non existent- from my kitchen as well as from my heart, but I am starting to get my ju ju back!!  Here is a quick glance at our supper.  What ever you do, don’t laugh or pass judgement because half of the foods included in the meal were “quick cooks” or that the other half were made by my babe.  The point is I cooked dinner for my family with a smile on my face, without feeling like it was torturous, painful work.  Everyone sat together, talked, laughed, enjoyed and appreciated!

I promise it will get better.  Baby’s back!!

Have a great week my friends!!


P.S. While grilling outside, Brian captured another glorious full moon to add to the collection.

Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Grilled Rib eyes for the carnivores

Another shot at potatoes.  Sweet potato tater tots.  Again, and as expected, a total fail.  I have no idea what’s with my kids and f****ing potatoes!

For the lean men in the fam, some grilled chicken.  Please note that the pork sausage does not fall into or is included in the “lean group”.  Just a Brian indulgence. Oh and excuse me, Brian just stated that it is chicken sausage.  Again, excuuuuuse me!

OK laugh.  Frozen corn and frozen ravioli.  Does it count as my own when I add sea-salted butter???

Mug Shots from the two in house beggars

This is a photo of a beautiful and amazing gift from Brian’s loving Mom.  She made this entire quilt by hand.  It contains so many dear photos of Bogart and Ruby throughout there lives.  As soon as I opened it I started sobbing.  I love those dogs and I love my quilt!  Thank you so very much Diane!!  XOXO

On the back side of the quilt, she hand stitched a little sweet message heart!!

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4 Responses to Sunday Supper Returns!

  1. Alison says:

    OMG i cried looking at the quilt too. It is beautiful, Diane, you did such a great job! I can’t wait to see it in person. xoxo

  2. Grammy says:

    The quilt is such a treasure. I know how much love is in this masterpiece. This gift is so much better than you could ever buy.
    Sunday supper is so special…I have never net a child who did not like tater tots…Unbelievable but only healthy for the 3 Sodis. Love you so much, Mom

  3. Danielle says:

    WOW- the quilt is breathtaking. Diane, that just means SO much!! Miss B… Laugh or pass judgement on anything that comes out of your kitchen?! Kidding right? You’re quick cooks are more involved then my most planned meal!!

  4. Diane says:

    Thank you all for the nice words about the quilt I made for Brian and Brandi. I am especially proud of this quilt because it is the first quilt I have made with no help from anyone. Usually my friend has to help me with the dimensions of pieces to cut but after a few “rip outs” and refiguring my math, I figured out how to get 12 x 12 squares for each picture. Since each picture was a different size, it took 9 different calculations. Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of the project. I found myself going back to the room even when I wasn’t quilting just to look at the pictures. It brought tears to my eyes more than once, especially the pictures with Brian and Brandi. Bo and Ruby will always live in our hearts.