Grace and Mr. B

Grace and Mr. B gave a great performance at their school’s Art Fest on Friday Night. While Mr. B played guitar acoustically,  G. sang The Cave by Mumford and Sons.  Mr.  B. is so talented!  I swear there is nothing this guy can’t do!  He is truly amazing!!  Our family thinks he may be a superhero in disguise!

Hope everyone had a Great Super Bowl Sunday!!

Lot’s of Love,

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3 Responses to Grace and Mr. B

  1. Grammy says:

    Beautiful Gracie was superb…Loved it…Love you all

  2. Alison says:

    I second every thing Marie said! Goran thought she was good too. Couldn’t believe it when i told him Grace, 11 years old, was singing the song! Good job, Grace!!!! xoxo

  3. Danielle says:

    The entire Klavins family got to see it LIVE!! As always I’m completely in awe that my “little” Gracie Girl sparkles so!! As for Mr B… We dont think, we know he’s a superhero!!! Mr Renassance … Rugby player, gymnast, musician …really? And an AWESOME teacher to boot- our girls are lucky to have such a positive role model in their lives!!
    Love D

    Ps… You forgot to give props to the camera man…LB!!!