Honey! Honey!


Are you wondering what this photo is about?  It represents a family taste test.  We have these every so often in our home.   It is just another one of my many strategies that I use to get my littles to try something new. This is a really effective strategy for many reasons.  It’s great because it gives them a chance to try something new and it is fun because it is a game.  They also learn many important skills just by doing it. Experiential knowledge, my favorite!  They learn to be cooperative and take turns.  They get to use most of their senses during the experience.   They learn how to compare and contrast verbally as well as the process of decision making.  They sometimes even learn background information regarding the foods that they are trying.  Overall this strategy is really pretty foolproof because it comes down to this- they each have an opinion and they all like it to be heard.  It is so interesting to me because they usually do not want to participate at first.  You just have to be cunning enough to recruit one.   It’s kind of like those rip off carnival games- all you need is to entice one sucker and then you are sure to grab a few more.  Here’s how it works.  After you have your roster of participants, pick a group of related foods. You can then discuss the food and its origin.  Have everyone eye it over and check it out.  Then for the fun part, you simply let everyone try it and rank it. They have to state reasons of why they like it or why they do not.  Also during the taste test, everyone needs to listen and watch each other’s turn. Simple.

For this taste test we used honey.  Grace will eat honey in her oatmeal but the boys have never had it.  We used a grouping of four varieties of honey.  They were: Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover, Colorado Star Thistle Honey, Florida Orange Blossom, and Maine Blueberry Honey.  This was a really cool grouping because we discussed how and why this honey is considered to be “raw”.  We talked about the locations of the flowers.  How the bees make honey.  Why it is important to save the dying population of honeybees and the importance of supporting “artisanal” beekeepers.  The kids were able to touch the honey with their fingers and taste it. After this, they said which they liked, which they didn’t and why.  They then ranked the four types.  I even participated in the tasting.  It was a lot of fun.  Now everyone in the family likes at least one type of honey.   Mission completed!

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  1. Marie says:

    Seems like fun & a good way to learn & taste. What was everyone's favorite? Love Mom