About Me

I’m Brandi. I have a sweet life.
I fell in love with the greatest boy when I was 17 years old
and I married him.
We now have three incredible children together.
I was a teacher.
I am a foodie and I love to cook.
I curse… a lot.
NYC and LA are my favorite cities.
Going to the movies makes me over the moon happy.
I despise small talk.
I will travel anywhere.
Sushi, pizza, and ice cream are my favorite foods.
I am a runner.
I am a swimmer.
Music can determine my mood.
My dog Bogart is my angel and second love. My other 7 fur babies are all my #1’s.
I consider myself somewhat creative.
I love animals more than people.
I think that I am a good judge of human character.
I am extremely passionate.
I am extremely sensitive.
I consider myself highly resourceful.
Cleaning and organizing are therapeutic for me.
Everything matters to me.