Grace and Mr. B

Grace and Mr. B gave a great performance at their school’s Art Fest on Friday Night. While Mr. B played guitar acoustically,  G. sang The Cave by Mumford and Sons.  Mr.  B. is so talented!  I swear there is nothing this guy can’t do!  He is truly amazing!!  Our family thinks he may be a superhero in disguise!

Hope everyone had a Great Super Bowl Sunday!!

Lot’s of Love,


Start of the Season…Ski Season…the ONLY Season!!

Hi everyone!!  Here is our first video of the season.  Ski season… the only season that matters!!  Thanks Jeremy for putting together a sweet edit!!  Can’t wait til February!! Much love to you and Miki!!

*After clicking on the link, you will have to enter the magic password!!

Here it is: sodicrew12

Lot’s of Love,



Sunday Supper Returns!

Can I get a what, what…

Sunday Supper returned finally after it ha been in hibernation over the past few months.  Here is a quick glance at our supper.  Whatever you do, don’t laugh or pass judgement because half of the foods included in the meal were made by my babe.  The point is, I cooked dinner for my family with a smile on my face! Everyone sat together, talked, laughed, enjoyed and appreciated!

I promise it will get better.  I am back!!

Have a great week my friends!!


P.S. While grilling outside, Brian captured another glorious full moon to add to the collection.

Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Grilled Rib eyes for the carnivores

Another shot at potatoes.  Sweet potato tater tots.  Again, and as expected, a total fail.

For the lean men in the fam, some grilled chicken.  Please note that the pork sausage does not fall into or is included in the “lean group”.  Just a Brian indulgence. Oh and excuse me, Brian just stated that it is chicken sausage.  Again, excuuuuuse me!

OK laugh.  Frozen corn and frozen ravioli.  Does it count as my own when I add sea-salted butter???

Mug Shots from the two in house beggars

This is a photo of a beautiful and amazing gift from Brian’s loving Mom.  She made this entire quilt by hand.  It contains so many dear photos of Bogart and Ruby throughout there lives.  As soon as I opened it I started sobbing.  I love those dogs and I love my quilt!  Thank you so very much Diane!!  XOXO

On the back side of the quilt, she hand stitched a little sweet message heart!!


Just a Little Bit…

For those of you who may or may not have made the resolution to lose a few lbs this New Year, or because you simply stuffed yourself silly over the holiday season, well I am going to help you out.  Dieting… I am so not a fan.  It can be effective when necessary or when you need to jump start yourself.  At this point in my life, I truly believe in having what you want but in moderation.  I just can’t give up food.  I love it too much and I really center myself around it.  To me, food=happiness.  So if you are dieting down and you need a little something to make yourself feel better and not make you feel like you are eating something limiting, well here are some sides that can be added to, eaten alone, or topped to make your plate and your tummy smile!

Yesterday I made both Roasted Beets, as well as, Sauteed Grape Tomatoes with Onions and Baby Spinach.   They pair perfectly with just about everything.  The Roasted Beets are great with a little goat cheese, greens, and a light vinaigrette.  The Sauteed Tomatoes are awesome with eggs or egg whites, or topped on a beautiful piece of grilled chicken or fish.  They are both light and healthy and can really change your plate.  Give it a shot!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


PS.  The first image was one of my Christmas gifts.  What does that mean?

Roasted Beets:

Wash about 10/12 beets

Cut stems and greens

Toss with Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Fresh Thyme in an oven proof dish

Cover with Foil

Roast until beets are fork tender

When cool enough to handle, peel and slice

Beets Before

Beets After

Sauteed Tomatoes, Onions, and Baby Spinach:

Saute Sliced Onions in a little Olive oil until tender and translucent

Add two pints of halved grape tomatoes

Cook down until tomatoes begin to soften and burst

Add Heaping Handfuls of Baby Spinach and cook just until it wilts


Park City, Showing Some Growth!!

I took a well needed, extremely over due break and boy was it good!!  I feel completely whole again.  Each day went something like this:  Sleep in, eat, send kids off to the mountain, eat, watch television, read, walk to the mountain, lunch with the kids, walk home, hot chocolate and fresh whipped cream with my littles (which, after this post, I am not sure how much longer I will able to refer to them as my “littles”), bath and playtime, dinner out (almost always sushi),  and then bed.  All with my Baby!!   Poor thing didn’t get the green light to snowboard. Anyone who knows B also knows that he NEVER misses a day on the mountain…not one!  The trip was a dream!

Park City, is our second home.  It is so extremely special to all of us.  It recieves us with big open arms and loves us each day.  Our kids THRIVE there.  Especially L.  He is amazing and his heart is in Park City.  It is remarkable to see how much he progresses when he is in this environment.  The hard part is leaving.  How do you take your kid away from something that is positively consuming?  It’s terrible.

G and J made some severe growth as well.  J graduated to poles and started riding some serious terrain.  G and L hit it big in the terrain park.  It is just too cool for B and I.  We are so very proud.  We have a few more trips planned for the season.  For the start of the season, I must say, Park City, showing some growth!!!

Happy 2012 Everyone!  May your year be filled with love and light!


Heading out to Town Lift

A mid morning snack:  Yogurt with slivered almonds and pomegranate seeds

J with his poles

Lunch over…taking lift back to the park

Me and B after finishing the Olympic Bobsled Course…Wicked!

Ski Day with D & D

Happy 2012!

Sushi Party with all our PCM Friends!