It’s Been a Long Time…

It has been a really long time.  A lot can change in a few years; a lot that can be life changing. You wouldn’t think so but it can and sometimes does.  Have you ever really taken inventory of your life over a span of a few years?  If you haven’t then you really should.  I didn’t until recently.  It all began with looking back at some photos of our kids and then of myself and Brian. Which then lead me back to here, my beloved blog. Everyone always seems so surprised by growth, but shouldn’t you really be surprised with the time and where it gets lost?  Whether your moments are good or bad, they still slip by until you really look back.  What really stings is when you look at time in a small group of years and realize that so much has changed (much that you can not even remember happening) and much that changes your life and who you are. Time is precious. Hold on to each moment as well as all of the feelings that surround them. Stay present.  Always appreciate and have a grateful heart. Love deeply.


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Eating Through LA

Last week Brian and I spent an amazing time in Los Angeles.  While we were there to get some personal things together, it much rather seemed that we were there on an eating expedition.  It was so fantastic!  Brian and I always have the best time together and I just can not get enough time with my favorite guy!!  I love him so much and I loved eating through LA!

Take a look at our photos.  We made stops at Urth Cafe, Ago, Nobu, Pizzeria Mozza, Huckleberry, In-And-Out Burger, and The Lobster.  A few were so good that it was necessary to re-visit.  Urth Cafe and Huckleberry got extra playtime.  Delicious!!  Can’t wait to visit again.  I love LA!

Have a terrific and super safe Fourth of July!




I would just like to welcome everyone to the first post on The Sweet Life!

Since this is my first post, I feel it absolutely necessary to share some highly pertinent information on how I arrived at this place of having my own blog.

Two months ago I decided that I was going to plan a birthday party for my kids. So what do you do when you need to plan a party? You hit the web- and that is exactly what I did. Over those two months of research, I found an incredible amount of information and really became enamored with the Blog World. I then started following a few blogs regularly. My Bookmark Bar was really becoming extensive with Blogs that I HAD to read every day. I became obsessed, addicted, and most importantly inspired. I was so impressed with the thought and ideas that everyone shared. I thought wow!! This is a great creative outlet to share anything that personally interests you. I then started to learn that you really didn’t need to have any prerequisites or experience to have your own blog. That’s when I got the crazy idea.

I had been thinking about creating a blog just over the last week. I always seem to have all of these amazing ideas to do something that is exciting and challenging and then I wind up talking myself out of it for one reason or another. Usually its the obvious reasons- lack of time, lack of time, lack of time! Not this time though. Over dinner the other night I asked my husband and three littles to listen up, Mama had an important announcement. I said, I am going to create my own Blog. That’s when I heard: a laugh (as in are you kidding?), what’s a blog?, and my heart saying maybe you are not ready for this. My husband said, I am not really sure how to create a blog. I said, that is ok because I think I do. He was stunned because I usually need his help with anything technologically related as well as all other things. I am what you call a dependent. Again, not this time. I was going to learn and do it all by myself.

Well it is now 4:45 in the morning. I began my creative endeavor around 9:30ish. I am not sure if this post will be published today but I am sure willing to try! I am proud of myself and I know that my family will be proud too. I have my birthday party all planned and I ended up with my own blog! Wow!!

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